Easter 2014

Holidays with a 3 year old are fun, since they are old enough to understand the traditions and young enough to love it. (I'm sure we'll have many years ahead of holiday excitement.) 
This year for Easter we had an egg hunt at the park with our playgroup. It was our first hunt of the season and it was so fun to see how serious Molly was in preparing the eggs and getting them to the park. She would not put down her Easter bag and played with it on the jungle gym for about an hour before we were ready with the eggs.
Sophie loved finding the eggs too, but instead of collecting lots, she wanted to open and eat every piece of candy she found before looking for another one. That proved to be the least effective way to hunt and she ended up with just a few. She loved it anyway.
Friday night was our ward Easter activity. It was fun. We had a potato bar and the kids could make Easter baskets, before their egg hunt.

On Saturday, we dyed eggs. Sophie was SO eager to put the eggs in the dye that she spent half the time crying because we had to hold her back, and the other half cracking eggs as she tried to slam them in the cups. (Just watch the video below!)
Molly also loved this activity and asks everyday to dye more eggs (and it's been almost a week).
We had our own Easter egg hunt that afternoon. I had prepared a whole bunch of plastic eggs that I meant to take to our ward Easter activity, but forgot. So we used those. The problem with that was I had forgotten that they all had the exact same candy in them. So every time Molly opened an egg she would get mad that she kept getting gummy bears. "Awww, I get a lot!" she'd say with frustration.
Sunday we watched this video of Christ, prepared Molly for church with curlers, and let her wear her absolute favorite dress.
After church, we shared dinner with a couple in our ward. We brought ham and rolls and they provided the rest.

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  1. Hazel also asks all the time to dye eggs. I told her we needed to hard boil more eggs and she said, "And then we'll dye them?" It got me wondering why we don't do it more often. :)

    Also, I think I should start videoing myself like you do to see how mean I am and inspire me to change. I'm pretty sure I would've freaked before I laughed at the egg drop.