Sophie 17 Months

Sophie is now 17 months.  Things she does lately...

Sing. At least she tries to.
Says 'good job' after we sing a song or I play a song on the piano.
Jump. She bends her little legs and explodes up, but doesn't get much air. 
Sings the ABC song when we brush her teeth.
Lifts bum up when I need to slide a diaper in under her.
Self feeds, and sometimes demands that we let her have at whatever messy food she wants to eat.
Follows simple instructions like, put your diaper in the trash, or put your toys in the basket.
Sits down, takes off shoes, and puts them in the shoe basket when we enter our house.
Can point out where her head, hair, mouth, teeth, nose, cheeks, eyes, ears, neck, arms, hands, fingers, tummy, belly button, feet, and toes are.
Words Sophie can say: snack, good job, diaper, Jesus, Mama, Dada, night night, no, ball, dog, hi, banana, cheese, toot, book, applesauce, help, water, please, walk, bless you, hot, backpack, car, hooray, bubbles, most of the body parts listed above, up, cracker, and I love you.

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  1. Wow...she's looking so much older! Cute pictures.