The Fair and the Rattlesnake Bridge

Saturday is usually a family day where we like to get out together and do something fun. This past Saturday there was just so much to do I didn't think we'd set a foot outside our apartment. The kids were going crazy, with meant we were going crazy. I suggested Rob take the girls to the Children's Museum, being it was a $2 day, while I stayed behind to get some things done. By the time the girls were ready it was nap time. So we delayed the outing. Then by 3:30, when the girls were up and I needed a break, we all headed out for the museum. We knew there was a fair set up on campus and decided to drive by on the way. We never made it to the museum.
Molly had a blast. We bought a small sheet of tickets and walked around the whole place trying to figure out how to get the most rides for our buck. (Why are fairs so stinckin' expensive? And why are there so many people just shelling out the dough for everything there?)
After the fair, we picked up some Mexican fast food then headed to the park and the Rattlesnake Bridge. I'm kind of in love with that bridge. And I'm pretty sure my kids are too. 


  1. I've still never been on the rattlesnake bridge- I need to before I move!

    1. Yes, you need to. Your kids would love it.