Eller MBA Graduation

I am happy to say that Rob has finished graduate school and now has his MBA. I'm so proud of him and all of his hard work! Almost 2 years ago, I was wondering how we were going to make this work when Rob's first week of the semester was insane. Up and leaving at 6 am and not home till 11 pm or later. The entire first semester was very busy and Rob probably didn't get to bed before 2 am on most days just trying to finish his homework. As the semester neared the end, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Sophie. Sophie came and 3 weeks later Rob was on his way to China with his cohort.

His second semester workload was a roller-coaster. Some weeks were really busy and others not so much. 

When summer rolled around and the semester ended we moved up to Scottsdale for Rob's internship with CVS Caremark. 

In the fall we returned to Tucson and Rob began his second year of school. It was definitely slower than his first, and sometimes Rob would come home around 3-4 pm and we'd get to spend the rest if the afternoon and evening with him. Then about 10 pm out came the laptop as he preferred to study late at night.

His last semester seemed more busy that the previous one, and we didn't have anymore late afternoon arrivals. He really started the job search this semester. By the middle of May Rob had finished his projects, finals, and papers and was just awaiting graduation.

Saturday May 17th was graduation. We had some of Rob's family come for the ceremony and we celebrated by going out to dinner after. 

We may be at the end of the road, but we're still on the journey. It was our hope to have a job lined up before graduation, but nothing worked out. We had to give our apartment a 60-day notice, so when we did we'd hoped we'd know where we were headed. We had a fall-back option to live in an apartment that someone offered to let us live in. When we decided that we'd need to live in that apartment and called to work things out we found out that they had rented it a month earlier. With that option off the table we called our complex to let them know we would be staying another month they said they'd already leased your place. So our move is in less than 2 weeks and we'll soon be homeless. We plan to visit family in the month of June and continue the job search. We're anxious and excited to see where our next step in life leads us.

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  1. Way to go Roberto! And you too, Heather. You worked hard too. ;) Something will come along in the job search and I'm still crossing my fingers that you'll end up here.