Molly in Preschool 2013-2014

We loved doing preschool with Molly this past year! 
We did a teaching co-op where each mom taught once a month. The kids did really well, especially as time went by. They certainly learned the letters in their name and Molly can even right her name (that is if she doesn't use a W for and M). I'm kind of amazed and proud when I hear Molly talk about something she learned in preschool weeks later. I guess among the craziness she really was listening.

Our first lesson (at our house) was about 'harvest' and we did some fun things with fruits and veggies. We also played Memory with these fun little cards I made.
When we learned about manners we talked about monsters and their good and bad manners.
And then learned about table etiquette.
One day we learned about Opposites.
Another day we took a field trip to Deseret Industries where we talked about sharing and service.
One month we learned about our senses.
Another month we talk about transportation, played Red Light Green Light, and...
took a field trip to the Pima Air and Space Museum.
We pretended to be chefs,
doctors, dentist, police officers, etc when we talked about jobs.
And lastly, we talked about the sun, moon, stars, and planets.
May 5th was graduation day! We had pizza and a swimming party to celebrate.

We had so much fun! I put a little video together so Molly can watch and reminisce. I have a feeling we'll be watching this video a lot around here.


  1. That produce w eyeballs is adorable, you are so creative.

  2. So fun! I want to do this with Hazel this year, but I'm afraid I am too lazy. :/ Ha ha.