Other Happenings in April

We had a really busy April. There was a lot we didn't get a chance to blog about so here's a little overview of some other things that filled our month.

Degrazia's Gallery in the Sun
The girls playing games on the computer together. Molly navigates and Sophie watches.
Sophie trying to be like Molly. We looked over and found the girls doing this...
Sophie's mood after she slept in till 9:30 am.
Going through the car wash with Sophie.
The girls spending an afternoon watching home videos.
A trip to the zoo with friends.
Story time at the U of A. Sophie was terrified of Curious George.
The coolest parking garage.
General Conference.
1|2| playing in the bath 3|Sophie and her baby 4|Sophie climbing off the bed 5| Molly going down for a nap 6| Sophie taking a seat on Mama's feet 7| Going for a walk 8|9| Molly napping.
A fairy bath. 
Sophie can show you where her head, hair, mouth, teeth, nose, eyes, ears, neck, arms, hands, fingers, tummy, belly button, feet, and toes are.
Little Red Riding Hood coloring under the table.
Sophie checking herself out in the mirror.
Missionaries over for dinner. Our girls love the missionaries... can you tell?
Rob's brother and family came to visit us in Tucson.
When Rob was in Connecticut, we went to McDonald's for dinner (but mostly to let the girls play).
We enjoyed the weather and spring blossoms.
We played outside during the few minutes it rained.
How I spend a lot of my afternoons.
A trip to Costco. I was brave this day and got lunch on our way out all by myself. This was big since I really hate eating out with my kids even when Rob's there to help.
Playgroup at the splash pad.
Trip to the pet store.
Another visit to the zoo.
Church with a 17 month old = lots of time in the halls and gym.
Books after a diaper change.
Our girls!
Molly playing games on the computer and using headphones so we have some peace and quite.
Running in the house.
Molly taking over our bed.
Eating out with family.
1| Trip to the firestation 2| Girls having a picnic in the family room 3|My keys got locked in the car so we walked around and tested out the water in the pool while we waited for Rob to drive home from school to help. |4 Playgroup at the park 5|Sophie refusing a nap and taking laps around the apartment with her stroller 6| Molly taking photos on my phone 7| What my family room looks like when I go through the girls clothes 8| Coming home from a long day and a birthday party 9| Another birthday party at the park.

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