Sophie 18 Months

This girl is a year and a half! She's such a fun little girl. She had her second day in nursery today and as far as we know she loves it. She also loves to care for her baby doll. She pretends to feed, change her diaper, take her for walks and just carries her around. She decided she's too big for her high chair and demands to sit at the table. She also will not let us feed her. She has to do it all by herself. She can be super sweet and give squeeze hugs or a little aggressive and pulls hair or scratches with a mischievous smile. She is talking more and more. We're pretty amazed at her language skills. The other day she almost sang the whole Happy Birthday song by herself. She's starting to talk in phrases. She likes to run away whenever we want her to do something, and she likes to get all undressed and sit on the potty. She's known to whine when she doesn't get what she wants, but she can be super happy and giggly other times. 
Height: 31in
Weight: 24 lbs 2oz
HC: 18in

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