25/52 | Project 52

There are always so many memories when I visit the home I grew up in. It never fails that I pull out my fat book of photos and leaf through each one, thinking of days past. It happens every time. This time Molly loved looking at them with me and kept asking where she was in the photo. Since she's in most of the photos I take these days, she was stunned that she wasn't in any of them.

Below was the first day of school (in Middle School). I'm certain I picked that first outfit because it was the favorite of all my new clothes for the year. I always loved back to school shopping. 
Another first day of school waiting with the neighborhood kids for the bus. (I'm in the solid hot pink jacket looking awesome.)
I had to recreate this one because it was one of the first times Rob came to my house.
The days of summer and spending almost all my time outside.
Birthdays were always fun and with 9 kids in a family there were a lot of them. On our special day we got to pick what my mom to made for dinner. Sometimes we got to go to a restaurant, but usually it was just the birthday child and Mom and Dad. (I'm the one sitting on my sisters lap in the brown pleather jacket.)

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