Packed Up and Moved

We moved!

We had to be out of our apartment at the end of May, but since we didn't have a job lined up that kind of made things complicated. After lots of thought and prayers we decided our best option was to put all our things in storage and head to Utah and spend a little time in the cooler weather with family.

Last Saturday we rented a truck and started a long, hot day of heavy lifting and sweating bullets. We were lucky to have some hard-working ward members show up to help us with the move. We were soooo grateful for their help and for all the help we had leading up to the move! It took about 2 hours to load the truck and then we drove across town and unloaded the truck. From there it was a mad dash to return the truck, finish getting the last little bit out of our apartment. Pack all the things we needed for our unknown amount of time in UT, and clean the apartment. Rob ran over to the office 5 minutes before closing, while I mopped the floors and worked at completely clearing the apartment. (It's amazing how long all the little things take.) They were not happy that we didn't arrive earlier, but seriously it was a miracle we finished before closing. They came and checked us out and then we rushed over to drop off our vacuum and many other little things at the storage unit before they closed. We walked out of the facility 2 minutes before they locked the doors. Phewww.

We were sweaty and exhausted! We went to pick up our girls from our friend's house who so graciously watched them the entire day for us and headed up to Gilbert. The drive was just what I needed: beautiful. The sun had just set and the desert was silhouetted against the sky. All the stress of the day fizzled and I just enjoyed the ride (as much as I could with two kids in the backseat who refused to sleep even though it was way past their bedtime).

We stayed with family in Gilbert for the next couple days. Molly had a blast jumping on the trampoline and swimming.
 We visited Aunt Sybil, who broke her heel a few months ago.
Rob had an interview on Wednesday so we stayed around for that. Once he finished I packed up our car in the sweltering heat and almost had a panic attack because I was so hot and I didn't think we were going to fit all of our things in our small Buick. To my surprise, I got most of it in. We went to pick up Rob and of course the air conditioner wasn't working, all of us were dripping in sweat and I was practically on the brink of tears. On the drive over I was thinking the only way this could get worse is if I got pulled over, in an accident, or someone died. Ha. 
Once we picked up Rob we set off for Utah around 5:30 that evening almost bursting. We were making pretty good time until we were pulled over in Kingman for having our license plate light out. (Yep, my nightmare come true.) The officer gave us a warning on the light, but wrote us a ticket for not being able to prove our insurance even though we have insurance. But she said they'd drop the ticket if we called and gave them proof later. Which we did, but it was super annoying.

We made it to St George and slept at Rob's Aunt's house for a few hours before we finished the drive to Provo. I love that we split up the drive. It still wasn't the easiest, but it was so much better for the kids.

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