Utah Happenings

Since we've been in Utah we've tried to say busy for everybody's sake. There's nothing like being away from home and a routine with very few toys to cause unhappy children and thus unhappy parents.
We visited BYU campus. It's always fun to walk around campus and remember the old days. We made sure to get some chocolate covered cinnamon bears and a scoop of BYU ice cream.
We celebrated my brother Jon's birthday one night with cake, ice cream, and a swim for all the cousins. Molly was in heaven. At one point while swimming she was convinced that she didn't need floaties. I kept telling her that she need to keep them on. Finally I caved in an let her find out for herself that she definitely wanted them. I let her try to swim for just a second and when she immediately sunk, she was convinced she wanted them back on too.
We tested out the splash pad at Pioneer Park. I don't know why, but the girls wanted nothing to do with it. So we played at the playground instead.
It was also national doughnut day so we stopped by Krispy Kremes for a free doughnut.
Friday evening we hung out with friends. We had dinner and played on their new tennis court. Rob and I were pretty rusty, but Molly was a good ball girl. We played a match: girls vs guys. (Girls won! It had nothing to do with me though. I had an awesome partner.)
We spent a morning at the pool. The girls found these goggles and we couldn't get them off them. 
We went to the Bean Museum on reopening day. Molly touched a tarantula and got a ticket to spin the wheel. She won a piece of candy.
The girls wanted Graham Crackers and this was the way they wanted to eat them.
We stopped by to visit my 95 year old grandma. She still keeps a bucket of toys in the closet for the kids who come to visit. Twenty-five years ago I use to be the one she brought the bucket of toys out for.
We spent an afternoon and evening with friends.
My mom, sister, and I spent a day (sans kids) to tour the Parade of Homes. I'd never been, but my sister goes every year. Every place was beautiful.
Rob and I ventured out to more homes with the kids on Wednesday and Thursday. It definitely was a lot more work with kids along.
I insisted on taking a few pictures of Rob with the kids on the bed in their jammies. It must of worn them out.
We spent a morning with our friends from Tucson at the library. It was fun to see them again.
We have to hit all our favorite spots to eat while we're in UT. So far we've had Costa Vida, Mountain West Burrito, and Zupas. 
We just sent Rob off yesterday for a couple job interviews in AZ. They were pretty spread out so we didn't purchase a return ticket. It's such a bummer to have him away.

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