Cows, Slurpees, and Chicken

7/11. On a whim we decided to take the girls to 7-eleven for a free Slurpee. I didn't know what to expect since people in Provo LOVE anything free. I thought there would be long lines and was surprised at how quick we got in and out. The kids loved it. I loved it. And the banana slush was the best.
As we were throwing away our cups, I saw a bunch of girls who were dressed up like cows. It was obvious they had been across the street at Chick-fil-A. So when I got back home I did a little investigating and found they were doing free meals for cow lookalikes. I didn't think we would do it, but later that afternoon I decided I didn't really feel like making dinner. So instead I made cow costumes for the whole family. Molly and Sophie thought I was the coolest for making them costumes with very minimal supplies. Rob was just plain embarrassed. I thought I was brilliant. 
Of course when we got there there was a huge line!!! I was definitely sure our spots would fall off, if Sophie didn't pluck them off, before we made it through the disneyland line so we chanced the drive-thru. We had doubts, but it worked! We each got our own meal, which is more food then we ever get when we eat out, and instead of waiting in line for food, and most likely a table, and reapplying all those spots, we drove to a nearby park and had a delicious picnic. The girls had a blast, Rob thought it was totally worth it, I though I was brilliant, and we found all of Sophie's cow spots in her carseat cup holder. :)

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