Island Park Part Two - 4th of July

The Fourth of July has different meanings depending on how you were raised. To me the Fourth mean hot nights and hotter days, swimming pools and a cool theater watching a summer blockbuster. Heather's consist of small-town, Americana parades, candy flung on the same streets that tractors, ATVs, and fire trucks idle past watchful parents and candy-craving children. This year, thankfully, we experienced Heather's. It's funny to me that every time we go to these parades, the candy chuckers don't seem to understand that it's not a good idea to toss their Bit-O-Honey's and saltwater taffy a few feet away from the cavalcade of distracted drivers and vehicular performers. One watchful onlooker, who didn't see me also watching, ran out as Sophie went after a stray salt water taffy into the oncoming procession. I grabbed her before anything happened.
This year, it seemed even more small-town, Americana, than others, with the backdrop of silos and farming equipment. We spent this year's 4th in Ashton, ID, maybe 45 minutes south of where we were staying in Island Park. The reason we chose Ashton was bad coordination and planning on our part, since we were trying to meet family at the parade in Rexburg. We ended up detouring to Ashton since it better fit our schedule.
It took Sophie most of the parade to realize she couldn't hold every single piece of candy she picked up in her little iron-grip hands. We kept urging her to put them in her bag so that she could pick up more.
Since we were down south a bit, we decided to see the sites in Rexburg. From the freeway the kids saw the temple and then promptly yelled, "The Temple," so we had to make it as one of the stops.
My favorite was the time we spent at Bear World. We have family members that own the Jurassic-Park-like drive-thru zoo, so we had to see it. The last time I went was over 10 years ago. Some things had changed, like there were a lot more bears, and they were much more active compared to the last time. The kids especially liked the petting zoo and the rides, which was included with admission.
The only thing we missed this year were fire works. We ventured out to the lake to watch from the shore, but to our dismay they were on the other side of the lake obscured by pine trees. So we play Settlers of Catan instead.

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