Ruth's Diner and Silver Lake

Saturday we got up early to meet friends for breakfast. We drove to SLC to Ruth's Diner, a place we like to go for the first meal of the day. I'm not necessary a biscuit lover, but I love their biscuits.
After we headed up to Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
We walked around most of the lake before we started a hike to Twin Falls. Hiking with Molly and two kids under 2 is kind of a nightmare. I'm sure that every person who passed us wondered why we were there, but we tredged on. About two-thirds to the top we decided the men and babes would hang out and play while the women finished the hike. That last little bit was pretty rough and even though I thought it would be impossible for them to wine and cry anymore, they probably would have surprised me. So I was glad, and I'm sure they were to, that they didn't have to endure that steep rocky climb to the top.
Once at Twin Lake though, I was sad the kids weren't able to reap the reward. They would have loved to play in the water. It was so refreshing and cool! So I spent and extra few minutes enjoying it for them.