Sophie 20 Months

Sophie at 20 months:
  • Really hates sharing anything with Molly. She freaks out every time Molly gets close to something of hers (especially her tricycle).
  • She copy's most everything Molly does or says.

  • When she gets mad she'll try to destroy something or pull on her own hair.
  • She loves to lead us around. She's always asking for our hand and taking us places.
  • Loves chap-stick, fruit snacks, the sound of her voice, putting on her shoes, her blanket, and going outside.
  • Loves the movie Frozen. Asks to watch it several times a day. She calls it Let it Go.
  • She likes to sing Happy Birthday, I'm a Child of God, 3 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree, ABC's, and Let it Go.
  • She has no qualms about expressing her true feelings.
  • She's prefer to be with Mom 99% of the time. She loves to come and hug my leg (which I really love too), and use my leg as a May Pole.

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