Surviving in Utah without Rob

We've been moving all around these past couple weeks. Rob's still in AZ so we've been trying to stay busy. A couple weeks ago we went up to Park City and met my parents and a couple sisters to go to yard sales. I love yard sales in PC! After lunch with my sister, we headed to my parents house.
I skated on my old rollerblades until Molly had an accident. She picked up a stomach bug and it was nasty. All night long we dealt with it. I finally pulled out one of Sophie's diapers and let her wear that for the night.
On Father's Day we drove out to Roosevelt to spend the day with family and my dad. We barely made it to church on time because we had to stop several times on the way to let Molly go potty in the bushes. Dang stomach bug! 
We headed back to my parents house that night. On Monday I took a few pictures for my 52 Project before we headed to Garland to stay with my sister for a few days.
They have a new beautiful house on this lake. And an amazing view. I took this picture of one of the kids water skiing from their back patio. Gorgeous huh?
We also saw a rainbow.
While there the carpet was installed in their theater room so that night we all hung out and watched a movie on their big screen.
Sophie and I also caught whatever bug Molly had and I was up most of the night with it. It was awful!

That next day were headed back to Provo.
On Friday we packed a lunch and headed to the Museum of Natural Curiosity with our friends. (This is my favorite jam by the way. So good!)
My phone stopped working so I hardly got any photos. :( The kids loved it. We stayed 5 hours and the kids didn't want to leave.
We pasted a whole day at our home base in Provo doing nothing but playing with candy necklaces and bracelets.
Last Sunday we headed back up to my parents house and went to church with them. It's always interesting seeing the people you knew growing up with.
It's always and adventure looking in the fridge in my parent's house. Even if they freeze milk for almost a year, I just can't get over that expiration date. 
On Monday we headed back out to Roosevelt to visit my sister and bother. We slept in a king-sized bed and it was awesome.
I had a chance to go to the vernal temple. It was much needed and felt good to be there.
As a side note, three of my nieces modeled for these two works of art by Elspeth Young. (I Will Uphold Thee, Growing Light, The Treasure). I think it's pretty awesome.
The first night in Roosevelt we went to the pool.
Our second night there we went to the high school track to watch my niece train for her upcoming meet. Molly was getting lots of running in too while I was sitting on the side with Sophie who had a tummy ache and was still trying to recover from that stomach bug!
On Wednesday we headed back to our home base. We went shopping for a couple birthday gifts and this is the way my kids tote around their sippy cups these days.
On Saturday we headed to the park to play before naps and an afternoon b-day  pool party.
Saturday night we hung out with family and friends.
Sunday my sister decided to go to the singles ward, so I went to church solo with the kids. I was a bit nervous, but we sat way in the back and I used all my tricks to keep them happy during Sacrament. We survived.

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