Upper Falls

Last Monday we decided to try another waterfall, Upper Falls, which is just up the road from Bridal Veil Falls. The instructions I read online took us right to this bridge.
I would have been bummed if we drove all the way up the canyon for this little-but-very-rocky-and-step hike, and couldn't hike it. But we found our way to the trail and set off.
From what I'd read online, it was a little treacherous for little ones, but short. I figured we could probably carry them. We'll .3 miles up a steep hill feels like a lot more than .3 miles, especially when you add another 18 or 40 lbs to the mix. We took lots of breaks and broke a sweat as we cautiously make our way to the top.
And we made it! Sophie was pretty stoked (can't you tell?). It was fun to see a new waterfall, but I don't know how worth it it was with two little ones. We were constantly on guard and that wasn't much fun for any of us.
Since there were rocks everywhere the girls were happy to just pick them up and throw them in every direction.
As we started down the mountain Rob said to me, "that was fun" and I thought "really?" I would have said it was more of an experience than it was fun. And it was... a crazy experience. (Just keeping it real.)

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