35/52 | Project 52

For weeks I had this idea to catch the train going through a bridge near our place. I wanted to slow down the shutter so that the train was a blur and the bridge was still crisp. I woke up early one morning to work on getting the shot, but when I arrived I realized there were a few trees obstructing the view of the bridge. So I had to go for much of a tighter shot than I had planned in my head. I got my tripod and camera set up so that when the train came I'd be ready. I expected to hear the unbelievably loud honking that the train makes when it crosses the street not too far down the track. We hear this honking all through the day and night, but the train came from the other direction and completely snuck up on me. I hurried and turned my camera on and tried to get as many shots as I could. I think I could have perfected the shot more if I wanted to stay for who knows how long until another train came by, but I need to head back so Rob could use the car. I like the juxtaposition of the fast train and the warning signs below that say slow.

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