Molly's Dance Camp

I signed Molly up for a little dance camp a couple weeks ago. It was a four day class at the Covey Center for the Arts. This was Molly's first class... in anything! The dance camp for her age group didn't have enough kids sign up so they cancelled it and combined her with the 4-5 year olds. She did pretty good with the older kids. (There was a time or two that she wasn't participating like she should have, but when I told her she could either dance or we could go home. She choose to dance.)
Sophie came along for most of the days, but she was sure hard to handle. She so desperately wanted to dance with all the other girls. We spent the better part of one class in the hall. Once she realized she'd rather be in the class than in the hall, things got a little better for me and her.
It was so fun watching Molly dance. Honestly, I teared up a few times just watching her excitement and happiness as she twirled, swayed, and Pliéd. I wish I could put her in more activities. She just loves to get out be with other kids. Someday we'll be able to.
The last day of class was a day to show off what the students had learned. At the end of class, all the girls dressed up in little Peruvian costumes and preformed the dance they'd learned.
Molly Dances from Heather Williams on Vimeo.

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