Sophie 21 Months

Our little Sophie has a big personality (and big lungs). She still expresses her displeasure throwing herself to the floor with a very loud cry that just makes you wish you didn't have ears, but when she's happy, she gallops and jumps around the room with giggles and squeals of happiness that dance in your ears. I'm glad we have ears to hear.
Her speech is getting really good. She starting to talk in little sentences. The other day she grabbed my cheeks clawing my face. I grabbed at her hands and pried them off saying, "Sophie, ouch. That hurt's Mama!" She then responded, "Sorry Mama. I hurt you Mama."  I was a pretty impressed mama with claw marks on her face.
Sophie is obsessed with wearing Molly's cloths. She insists on wearing Molly's undies, shirts, pants, dresses, and most often shoes. Every time I ask her to put on shoes so we can leave the house, she goes right for Molly's. Often times we leave the house with her shoes in the diaper bag and a bare-foot Sophie throwing a tantrum because we wouldn't let her wear shoes that are way to big. Occasionally I give in and let her wear Molly's shoes. I just spend a lot of time and thought on picking up shoes and putting them back on. 
Sophie likes to climb. She climbs up on the kitchen counter many times a day. And if things seem real quiet, I can usually find her up on the bathroom counter with the water running combing her hair with a wet brush.
Sophie is good at folding her arms for prayer, and is even saying the prayer - with help. Molly is usually begging to help her say the prayer, but Sophie prefer Mama's help.
Sophie loves to sleep with her blankets and pacifier. She usually does not take a passy any other time and especially if she's mad. That is probably why Molly seemed so much more calm as a baby than Sophie. At the sound of any unhappiness we'd just plop in a passy and Molly was calm and happy as can be. Not Sophie!

She love's to take her baby doll everywhere! Which is evidenced by the next 5 photos.
Sophie also knows how to take her clothes off. She usually removes her clothes and DIAPER in her crib! Often when I find her naked she's also peed in her bed. I'm grateful she's only peed. I'm hoping to never clean up her poop!
We really love our Sophie girl! She is such a joy and delight (except when we wish we didn't have ears :) ).

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