Utah County Fair

Friday night we headed down to Spanish Fork to the Utah County Fair. Honestly I thought it would be a lot bigger, like a third the size of the Salt Lake County Fair, but I thought wrong. I don't think it was much bigger than the Summit County Fair I grew up going to every year. I contemplated participating and entering, but in the end I didn't (...if only I had all those quilts and doll houses I made this past year).
We may have missed the animal show, but we didn't miss a chance to pet this huuuuuge snake! We also watched them pack up another ginormous snake and a crocodile they wrestled and put in his transportation bin. That was a show in itself.
They also had a lot of kids activities in one of the buildings. It made it a lot of fun for kids and I got to browse the entries while they colored, threw bean bags, made bookmarks and got their face painted.

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