Island Park Part Four - Mesa Falls & Big Spring

It's been awhile since our trip to Island Park, and we've struggled getting the last of our trip posted. Heather's been hard at work making a video and I'd rather play Catan than write this post, but Heather wouldn't let me avoid it any longer and finally convinced me to finish.
The largest sacrament meeting I ever went to, before our trip up to Island Park for the Fourth of July, was when we had church for youth conference. This was even bigger. Let's just say there were over 50 deacons passing the sacrament, two chapels with every room filled to the brim watching a telecast of the occasion, and outside speakers broadcasting the meeting to the remaining crowd (including us) of over 3500 church-goers not in a building. After sacrament meeting it took over an hour for the traffic to clear from the parking lot, so we just hung out and waited with the kids.
We decided to go out to Mesa Falls and I was quite impressed with it. I was a little puzzled we hadn't gone before since it was only a few minutes from Island Park and I had never even heard of it.
One cool thing we did before we left was visit Johnny Sack's cabin in Big Springs. It was just up the river from where we went on our river raft trip. Heather and I were really impressed by the ornateness of the cabin. It had a lot of design elements for it being in the middle of nowhere.
After the cabin we hung out by the river. Even though it was northern Idaho, it was pretty hot. It also didn't help that our air conditioner was not working. So it felt nice to dip our feet in the springs and cool down. Our week in ID was great! We had fun hanging out with family and hanging out in nature. Now it's time to go back to the real world.

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