Sophie 22 Months

Sophie is 22 months. She is such a cute little girl! She has spunky personality and we really can't get enough of her. She is talking soooo much lately; in small sentences that I understand about 30 % percent of the time. But eventually my ears well start to understand and she'll definitely get clearer. She even tries to sound out words like b-b-b- bike or h-h-h- hat... only because Molly is always sounding out her words.
When Sophie gets mad at us she says..." I like you!" but really means to say,  I don't like you! She loves to wear shoes, especially other peoples. We can't help but laugh when she demands to wear her plastic high-heel princess shoes in public.
Reverse psychology works really good on Sophie. We often say things like; don't give mama kisses, or don't give daddy squeeze hugs. It works like a charm.
Sophie is always removing her clothes. She really wants to sit on the potty and keeps taking her diaper off in her crib.
She loves to read books and has memorized a lot of them.
She sure is cute, but she can also be a little aggressive. She will often scratch at our faces or rip off Rob's glasses. And occasionally hit us when she's mad.
She likes to get on Molly's nerves and thinks it's funny. She'll shut Molly in the dark bathroom when she's sitting on the potty. She just runs away with a giggle and smile. She'll shove Molly or pull her hair or just do exactly opposite of what Molly asks her.
She may be a little firecracker, but we sure love her!

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