The Inbetween Move

Wednesday we headed down to AZ to pack up all our things in storage and move them up to Utah and put them in storage here. I know it's a lot of work to move them all the way here to just put them in storage again, but we're staying with family a little longer while we find a place to rent.
It was kind of exciting to get on a plane again. I've flown a ton in my life, but I haven't flown once since I've had kids. The last time I flew somewhere was to New York 4 years! I had forgotten how convenient planes are. It took us just over an hour to fly what it took us 14 hours to drive on our way back!
We were lucky to be able to leave the girls with family while we made the trip. It would have been a nightmare for us all if they came with us.
When we got to AZ we went to dinner with Rob's family (Grimaldi's. It was delicious.) and then headed to my brother's place who recently moved to AZ. I'm super bummed the timing didn't work out that we could both live in AZ at the same time!
The next morning we picked up our truck in Casa Grande and made our way to our storage unit. We were super blessed to have extra hands to help us move. My dad flew down with us to help. Rob's brother came with us from Mesa and we had a few friends show up to help! Really we were so grateful. I was expecting and awful packing experience, since the last one was, but it was pretty smooth and fast. We finished in 2 1/2 hours!
We headed back up to Gilbert for the night and took off on our long drive the next morning. We decided to get a car dolly and tow our car up instead of driving it. We just don't think it would have made the trip in one piece. So the three of us, Rob, me, and my dad, climbed in the front of the truck and headed out.
Diving a huge truck with a car on the back was quite and adventure. Getting gas and food was crazy hard. We ended up in a ruff part of Vegas trying to get gas. There was actually a fight that broke out outside the station while Rob was trying to get in to pre-pay for the gas. I hoped he'd come back unscathed. I would have insisted we choose another station if we had the luxury of a small form of transportation, but we didn't have any choice at that point. We lived :)
It took about 14 hours to drive home. My legs couldn't have been more grateful to get out of that truck! There was no leg room in the middle seat of our big truck. The next morning we woke up to pouring rain. We contemplated unpacking another day, but we realized we didn't have much time to get it done. So we got the car off and returned that dolly and by that time there was a little break in the rain. We decided to unpack and were lucky to miss the rain. It literally rained up until we unpacked and started again minutes after we finished. What a blessing!

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