42/52 | Project 52

A week ago I didn't have a clue what were going to do for Halloween. We have a bunch of costumes I got for the kids last Christmas so I figured we'd use something from our stash. But then I found a pattern for the characters from The Wizard of Oz on sale for 99 cents and I couldn't help myself. Plus I was planning a new sewing project anyway (a quilt which I put on hold for the costumes). I spent the next few days practice my sewing skills. Overall the costumes came out great. I only had to unpick stitching 3 times. Once for applying Velcro wrong to the scarecrow, the second time when I accidentally sewed Molly's skirt to her neckline (whoops!), and the third time was when I was totally confused making the little pantaloons for the Dorothy costume. It wasn't my fault the instructions were awful.

Then next feat was getting Sophie to put on her costume for a little photo shoot. Molly was on board getting all done up, but Sophie wouldn't even let me try on her costume long enough to fit the elastic. I thought it was going to be nearly impossible to get any shots from Sophie so I loaded my pockets with Smarties, packed a banana and fruit snacks to bribe her and didn't try to put her in her costume till the last minute. So she sat in the stroller watching Molly pose (who decided she was too cold and didn't want to have her picture taken... so I bribed her with ice cream every time she wined). When it was Sophie's turn all it took was an apple from Molly's basket and she put on her costume with no complaint and ran around with Molly. It was a Halloween miracle. We celebrated with an ice cream cone as promised.