Heather Turns 32

It seems that with all the birthday swag you can get these days you can celebrate for a full 2 weeks. We started celebrating my 32 birthday early with a trip to Tucanos. 
The night before the 30th we went out for ice cream. We not only celebrated my b-day, but also Rob's first day working for Adobe! The kids were so excited for ice cream. It was a fun little outing. I especially loved that Sophie insisted on wearing her hood the whole time.
On my birthday, I met up with my parents to walk through a model of the property they are buying and we are going to rent from them. It's being built right now and it couldn't be a better deal for the both of us. The design was set, but with a huge favor called in I was able to make adjustments. So I switched the cabinets, floors, tile, carpet, counter top, railings, and the paint color. It going from browns and beiges to white and grays. It's going to look awesome!!! I'm so excited. It's going to be a long 3 months waiting for it to finish!
After we looked at the property, my parents treated me to the KFC lunch special. It was actually pretty tasty.
That afternoon, after naps, we headed to Costco to pick up some groceries and a cake. We met up with Rob there and he pick out the cake. It was a toss up between the huge chocolate cake and a cheese cake. Rob went with chocolate. We headed back to our place, feed and put the kids to bed, then left them with my sister and went out on a date just the two of us.
We ate dinner at Firehouse Subs, picked up some italian ice at Rita's, and bowled a couple rounds at Fat Cat's.
Rob was a little shamed when I bowled 123 and 122 and he didn't even break 100. It must have a lot to do with form. Just look at the difference. Ha ha. It's okay I still love him.

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  1. No wonder I thought I was so good at bowling in high school... ;) So exciting about your new place!