Sophie 23 Months

Sophie is now 23 months. It's funny to think that when Molly was this age Sophie was making her way into the world. I'm so glad she came to our family! She brings so much joy to our lives and keeps us on our toes.
This girl loves cheese. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but really everything's better when there's cheese in the house. The other day I set out a block of cheese to shred and as I was searching for the grater I turned around to find Sophie with the block just going to town.
She's at the stage where she's really hard to photograph, but that doesn't stop me. I just keep clicking.
Sophie is often saying, "Molly did that!" which is the phrase she uses when she's mad and Molly.
She loves to read. I just wish we had more time to read to her.
She loves to pull herself up with her arms. Below on the left is my favorite picture of her doing just that.
She must have a hymn book for every song we sing in church.
She finds lots of comfort in her blanky and passy. If she has one, she must have the other one too.
She has the saddest sad face I've ever seen. I wish I had a picture of it. I have to try really hard not to smile or laugh when I see it.
She loves to wrestle with Molly although Molly doesn't love to wrestle with Sophie.
Sophie is at that stage where she really interested in coloring, and not just on paper. We've found her coloring on walls, couches, benches, tables, toys, herself (see below) and she especially loves to color on important papers.
She loves water. We went to the Rec Center recently and the kids swam. After we had them take a shower, but Sophie did NOT want anything to do with the shower. Once she got her in though we couldn't get her out. She was in heaven.
She is a little mischievous. She knows what she's not suppose to get into, but she does it anyway. Yesterday she decided to put on mascara. I made her take a pictures or two before she went in the naughty corner. She didn't feel one bit bad about it.

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