Halloween 2014

We sure celebrated Halloween right this year. Homemade costumes, trick-or-treating, Halloween parties and carnival... we did as much as we could.
The Monday before Halloween we spent the evening at my Grandma's Care center where we watched a magic show, had a potty accident in costume (Dorothy), and trick-or-treated around the center.
Tuesday night we went to our ward Halloween party and parade. We had dinner there and then watched all the kids cross the stage in their cute Halloween costumes.
On Halloween I threw together a 2 second costume, aka a pink wig, for an 6am Zumba class. Then came home to shower and pick up the kids.
We went down to IHOP for some spooky pancakes with our friends and then headed back to the Rec Center to swim.
Halloween night we dressed up, ate dinner, then headed to a Halloween Party at the Rec Center (I know we practically spend our whole day there).
I finally put my homemade costume on for the first time. What's ironic is that I spent a lot of time making a costume and dressed up, which is not my cup of tea, and Rob didn't even wear a costume and he loves dressing up. It probably had something to do with me getting burned out making costumes and that I put Rob in charge of doing his own.
We really loved the Halloween Carnival. And even saw some familiar people...

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