Sophie's 2nd Birthday

Thursday we celebrated Sophie's 2nd birthday. Hooray! She's now a little girl and not a baby, which makes me just a tiny bit sad. But I love seeing all the new things she is learning, and she and Molly are better playmates everyday.
Sophie was a little leery of celebrating her birthday (see the cute video at the bottom of this post). She cried when we told her it was her birthday and she told us she didn't want her happy birthday. But after we got her up, dressed, and she saw all her presents she was much more happy about it.

We spent the morning at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. It sure was cold that day (it was our first day of snow this year) and so we were glad to have a nice warm place to run around and explore. Sophie was a bit of a handful and a little bit grumpy, which probably had something to do with her and Molly playing in their beds the night before when they should have been sleeping. So it was actually a great distraction to have so many fun things to do and see, but a bit hard on her emotions to move from one place to the next.
 One of the highlights of the museum were the clay volcanoes the girls made and watched explode.
That afternoon we headed home for a much needed nap and some prep work for Mama. While the kids slept I decorated Sophie's cake and prepared for dinner and our little family party.
For Sophie's cake I decided to do a bubble theme since she is a little obsessed with bubbles these days.
 Those interested in how I made the bubble toppers can follow this tutorial.
 Sophie loved the bubbles, until she ate one. They look much more tasty that they are.
For Sophie's big day she got a Leap Frog letter learner, a doodle pad, Hello Kitty socks, hair bows, and a Hello Kitty shopping cart. 
Sophie may not have wanted it to be her birthday, but she ended up loving it and continues talks about it everyday.

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  1. You reminded me of the magic of everyday life. Fun bday!