A Night in Vegas

December 17th was a crazy day. It was the day that I finished putting together the 2 quiet books I'd been working on for the girls' Christmas presents. It was the day that I'd finished all my Christmas shopping, wrapping and packing it like a jigsaw puzzle into my car. It was the day I had me and the girls bags packed for a 12 holiday vacation to AZ, and the day I drove by myself with a 2 and 4 year old to Las Vegas. Not only was it a crazy day I was crazy for taking on so much by myself. But I made it happen and we headed south to meet Rob, who was working in Vegas the week prior. We made it without incident and I only had to bribe Sophie with my phone for a couple hour, rather than listen to her cry.
Once there we met Rob who helped us into the hotel room and quickly headed back to work. The girls and I ventured out for a late lunch and started exploring as Rob was working late.
The highlight of the night was the M&M store. The girls loved it. We picked out some of our favorites M&M's from the colorful wall and then head up a floor to the M&M 3D movie.
From there we head down to the Bellagio to watch the fountains.
Rob eventually caught up with us and we walked around the hotel enjoying the Christmas decorations.
We headed back to our room to snuggle, put the girls to down, and read before bed and a long drive to AZ the next morning.

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