Christmas 2015

Christmas was pretty relaxed at our place this year. We decided not to travel anywhere and just do our own Christmas at home. It was nice and slow paced. On Christmas Eve the girls and Rob went out to build a snowman while I put the finishing touches on their handmade present I made for them this year.
The snow was really fluffy and not ideal for snowmen. In fact Rob came in to ask me how to make one since he's from AZ and doesn't have as much experience with snow. I kind of laughed and him and told him you make a snowball and then roll it in the snow. I didn't realize it was the really powdery snow that just falls apart. Well he figured out a way to make one by packing the snow in a square bucket. Who needs a round snowman anyway? Right?
The girls froze, but still had a blast.

In the evening we had a traditional (Powell) Christmas Eve dinner. I made cheesy potatoes, ham, green beans, rolls, a jello salad, and we even topped it off with Christmas slush.

Christmas morning I started breakfast of Monkey bread rolls and rice pudding while the girls got ready to head down the stairs. I snapped a few pictures of our gift piles and a few more on the stairs.

We had a fun time opening gifts. I didn't even worry about taking any photos since Rob set up his phone for a time lapse video. The video didn't turn out so great, but it was nice to relax and be in the moment and not behind a camera trying to capture the morning.

Once we opened gifts we had breakfast. The kids could barely eat they just wanted to play with their new gifts.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and cleaning since I'm pretty much nesting right now I can't stand a mess. We watched a couple movies and the girls played and played with their presents. 

Our Christmas gifts this year:
Molly: Our Generation Doll with an extra change of clothes and some accessories, homemade play mat, a subscription to Ladybug magazine and The Friend, diving rings, a collection of Roald Dahl books, jump rope, sticker book, jammies, kids swimming pool, a figurine of Joy from Inside Out, and pocket rice bags.
Sophie: Our Generation Doll with an extra change of clothes, My Little Pony figures, homemade play mat, a subscription to Ladybug magazine and The Friend, jammies, sticker book, kids swimming pool, pocket rice bags, coloring book, and a Frozen counting game.
Rob: BYU shirt, 2 dress shirts, garments, a plaid shirt, 2 nice suits, a nice Book of Mormon, Frisbee disks, and a gift card to Amazon.
Heather: Blanket, electric pressure cooker, a Nest security camera, a Groupon for a massage, a subscription to Real Simple Magazine, a new keyboard for our computer, fuzzy socks, a Book of Mormon, a gift card to Amazon, and a family calendar.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! :) i love all of your pictures and videos!