Meeting Santa

Saturday we headed up to an open house for Edge homes' new community in Alpine. My brother works for them and we are also about to move into one of their homes (just renting) so it's fun to be a part of some of their events. This open house was awesome! They served lunch with soup, rolls, sandwiches, brownies, doughnuts, and some amazing hot chocolate. They had a the most legitimate Mr. and Mrs. Claus there too. When we were in line to meet Santa I told Sophie we were going to say hi. So she took a few steps forward, waved, and said Hi Santa, then rush back to me. Then I told her she was going to sit on his lap that just made her scoot in closer to me. I was pretty sure we would have at least one child screaming in our picture with Santa. So when our turn was up I told Sophie that Santa is the one who brings presents, and since she just had a lot of practice opening presents on her birthday and watching Molly open presents on her birthday, she knew what that meant and had no more qualms with sitting on Santa's lap.
I kind of love this photo... I wish I would have snapped it on my big fancy camera instead of my phone, but none the less it's still warms my heart.
Sophie also claimed the master bed in the model home. She took off her shoes and insisted on laying down saying, "My bed," over and over again. I don't blame her, I wish this was my bed too.

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