Molly Gets Bangs

We had a big change in the house this week. Molly found the scissors. A week or two ago I got out hair cutting scissors to trim my hair. Molly happened to see me cutting off spit ends. We had a conversation about it which ended in..." you never ever cut your hair, or Sophie's hair, with scissors!" Well last week Molly was playing with a friend outside. She invited her in and they went upstairs to the bathroom where Molly found the scissors and cut a chunk out of her hair. Once her friend left she came down to me with a bow pulling back that part of hair. It was also sprayed down with water. In passing she mentioned that she cut her hair. That caught my attention, but I couldn't see that she'd cut it. So I examined it further, taking out the bow, and there it was a chunk of hair cut up to mid-forehead. I was so sad! But I'm grateful that it was bangs and that she hadn't cut her hair shorter. It could have been a major disaster! So she was sent to the naughty corner where she cried until I came in to talk to her and take some pictures. We then went upstairs to finish the job.