Molly's 4th Birthday

Sunday the 30th we celebrated Molly's 4th birthday. I can't believe she's 4, but I love it. She is such a sweet, super social girl. We adore her. 
For breakfast we had pancakes, a special request from Molly. Then let her open a few gifts before church. After church we let her open more gifts, had dinner, then finished the day with a slice of cake. The cake was so beautiful I didn't want to cut into it.
Molly is really into watching YouTube toy reviews and this LalaLoopsy doll that poops charms is her favorite one to watch. She's always quoting it. So of course I wanted to get it for her and she loved it! She pooped 4 charms in less that 20 minutes. Haha.
Sara Elizabeth- Custom Cakes and Sweets helped me make Molly's cake. I baked the cake and picked the design, she decorated it. Isn't it beautiful!
(Presents Molly received: a new winter coat, a pair of black ankle boots, a pair of funky low top shoes, Stuart Little DVDs, some exercise tops to wear to Zumba kids,a LalaLoopsy Doll, a pair of Crocs, and socks.)
Molly's 4th Birthday from Heather Williams on Vimeo.

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