Arizona in December

After we met Rob in Vegas we headed down to Arizona together. We stopped at iHop for a big breakfast before we made the drive. The scenery was so beautiful I kept asking Rob to pull over so I could take a picture. We stopped at the Lake Meed visitor's center for that very reason.
Sophie did not sleep a wink on the way from Utah to Vegas so it was pleasant to look back and find both the kids getting a much needed nap during the drive. 
One night in Arizona Molly fell asleep in my arms. That doesn't happen anymore so I had to get a picture to document it.
Sometime around the 19th Sophie got really sick. She woke up around 1 am and threw up all over her pack and play. I rushed her in to the bathroom, gave her a bath, re-dressed her in pj's and calmed her down. We put her back down and 10 minutes later she was throwing up again. Little did I realize this would be the theme of our night. Baths, clean up... we went through every towel and pajamas we could find. She was a mess and cried for hours. We finally left her in a diaper just put her in bed with us so we'd catch the throw up easier and calm her down. It wasn't until past 4 am that she finally fell asleep. She was exhausted, we were exhausted and we had a lot of laundry to do!
The next day, Sophie was feeling a lot better. We gave her a nap then headed to the Gilbert Temple and the park across the street to walk around and enjoy the nice weather.
Sunday we drove down to Tucson to attend our old ward. It felt like home. We were sad that a lot of our friends were away for the Christmas holiday, but it was still nice to see familiar faces.
We spent that night, and the next day, with our friends who'd moved out of the ward. We went out to see some Disney Christmas lights and the girls loved it.
Monday we went to the zoo with our friends. We love the Tucson zoo and have really missed going.
We headed back up to Gilbert Monday night. We spent a couple days searching for bargain's at Last Chance.
On Tuesday, we met up with other friends to see the Mesa temple lights. We braved the crowds, burned our tongues on hot chocolate, froze a bit (since we were out all day and forgot to bring jackets along), and had a lot of fun.
Christmas Eve we had a few more errands to take care of. While we were out the breaks in the car were really grinding! So we stopped and had them checked. They need to be replaced right away. So we spent a few hours wondering around Costco, since it was just across the street. That got a little tiresome so Sophie and I ventured on a little walk outside.
That night we had dinner with the Williams family. You can read all about our Christmas Eve and Christmas day here.

We stuck around for an extra couple days after the holiday so we could go to our annual friend get-together. It's always fun to hang out with Rob's high school friends. (wish I took a picture ...)
On Sunday we headed back up to Utah. It was a long drive, but we made pretty good time. About an hour from home we ran into a big snow storm that made our drive about an extra hour longer. But we were happy to have arrived safe and only received a warning, not a ticket, along the way.

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  1. I sure miss you guys! But at least you're a diligent blogger so I can still keep up with your family. :)