Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve we spent with the Williams and had their traditional clam chowder. We hung out around the fire pit, well everyone but me and Sophie. She was being a little difficult so while everyone else chatted around the flames we roamed the kitchen and the neighborhood a bit. Later, we let the girls exchange their siblings gifts before we put them down to bed.
We also spent Christmas morning at Rob's sister's house with his family. We had a bit of a time crunch and needed to be out of the house by 11 am, so the Peterson's could have their Christmas, but Rob's mom had not come yet. We waited as long as we could then just had to start without her.

Watching the girls open their presents did not get old. It was fun to see their excitement with each gift they received. They loved all their gifts.
At 11 we headed over to visit my brother Logan. We hung out with this family, ate lunch, chatted, then drove over to Rob's Aunt and Uncle Finlinson's house. We even picked a bunch of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit from the trees in their backyard.
Rob took a timelapse video of our Christmas morning. It's cute.
Christmas 2014 from Heather Williams on Vimeo.

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