January Happenings

January started in a new house in a new place. It was filled with organizing, decorated, cleaning, and adjusting. The kids slept in our beds a couple of nights.

We celebrated my parents 50 wedding anniversary.

We didn't have a fridge for 10 days. We were suppose to get it the day after we moved in. Then they promised it everyday after, but each day it didn't come. My mom called on it each day, spending countless hours trying to get it to us. I realized how hard it is to prepare meals without refrigerated foods. We were so excited when it finally came.
I worked on lots of projects! I sanded, stripped, and re-stained the kitchen table, painted a stool, painted a crib, a table, a dresser, and bookshelves. 
We bought several things for our new place. A couch...
a chair,
bar stools,
curtains, curtain rods, rugs, bedspreads, lamps, etc. We shopped a lot at Overstock Outlet and Homegoods to find the best bargains.

I spent a day and a night hanging frames for a couple gallery walls.
We got yearly passes to the Rec center. We took the kids swimming and I started exercising again after the move.
We went to Ikea a lot. Sophie loved climbing in the little beds.
We finally coded our garage door. The girls were happy to help.
Molly serenaded me for several minutes one afternoon. She kept singing the cutest songs and I decided to record one so Rob could enjoy it when he got home from work.
When I Know the Rain is Falling from Heather Williams on Vimeo.

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