Project 52 in a Nutshell

I did it! My 52 photo project is over! Phew... Last year I wanted to do a 365 day challenge, taking a photo each day, but I knew I would not be able to do it (remember). So instead I choose to cut it down to a photo a week, Project 52, and modify my 365 challenge to taking a photo a day on my iPhone and posting to my Instagram account. Well I'm happy to say I was able to do both. It definitely was not easy, and there were many weeks/days that I was down to the wire and just needed to pull out my camera and take a photo. But I did it and there are actually lots of images that I love. I would never have gotten nearly as many images that I love without this push. A little part of me is sad it's done, but most of me is relieved! I hope to do another challenge again sometime, but for now I need to get caught up on all the other things demanding my attention. Below are all 52 of my photos week by week.

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