Quiet Books

In November I got the crazy idea to make a quiet book. I'd been thinking about making one for awhile and decided it would make a really great gift for Christmas. Originally I planned on only making one for Sophie, but Rob talked me into making one for both the girls. So once again I started a big sewing project for Christmas (remember the fabric houses I made the girls last year?).

I started jotting down ideas of what I wanted in the books. Some were totally my ideas and some were inspired by ideas I'd seen on Pinterest. You can see my line of thought on my own blueprint below.
Here's Sophie's book. The photo on the cover can be changed out.
Molly insisted on drawing the people and things on the papers under the door and windows. I didn't have the heart to switch them out.
Molly's book. Her cover photo can also be swapped out.
In case you can't tell, the below page is a maze. I sewed a little ball in it that Molly can take through the maze.

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