We Moved!

Hooray, we moved!...again!
When we first came back to Utah we had no idea that we would: 1) stay in Utah, and 2) live with family for over 6 months! When Rob started working at Adobe we started looking for a place to rent and move out. Well it happened that my parents were looking to invest and asked if we would want to rent from them. We said we'd love to and the search for a condo/townhouse/house began. In the mean time we moved all our things from storage in Tucson to storage in Utah. A few weeks later my parents decided to build. We worked with a builder to change some of the design that was previously set and knew that we would be staying with my sister till the end of the year.
On December 30th my parents closed on the townhouse and we moved the next day. Of course it was one of the coldest days of the year. Rob's brother so graciously helped pack up the moving truck with Rob and a few of my family members showed up to help unpack the truck. We were so lucky to have the help and we sure appreciated it!
We're still getting settled in and waiting on a fridge... the one that was suppose to come on the 29th of December and promised everyday since. 

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