Birthday Boy

Birthday boy had his 34th birthday last Monday. It was such a special day they gave him the day off work. Even the post office and the banks shut down... okay well maybe it was also Presidents Day too. 

I made him his favorite breakfast: a bowl of cheerios. And that is honestly his favorite breakfast. Whenever I make anything for breakfast, Rob will often skip it for a bowl of cereal. 

We drove up to Nordstroms Rack so he could pick out a pair of much needed jeans and instead walked out with another hat (he has a million) and a shirt. It was his birthday and they were less expensive than the jeans so I didn't say a word.

We walked over to Firehouse Subs for lunch and then hit the theater for a family friendly movie: Penguins of Madagascar. After the show, we walked straight over to Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream.

That evening we had a home cooked meal of Salmon, potatoes, garlic bread, carrots, jello, and... more ice cream, with hot fudge on the top.

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