February Happenings

I walked in Molly's room to find the girls playing together. I'm lovin' that they are at that stage.
We drove up to Kamas to celebrate my dad's birthday with him and some of my siblings. My mom made dinner and dessert.
I love when Molly falls asleep cuddling with me.
I started going to the family history class in my ward. I've been working on genealogy and it's been fun. I've always been interested in it. I spent a whole day scanning in old photos and adding them to Family Search. I've found a few names and have been able to take them to the temple. I've found that when you have your own names it really creates and urgency to want to do temple work. In the past it's been mostly about getting myself to the temple regularly, but now that I have names to complete it's about getting their work done and less about me. (Top picture: my mom and grandmother, Bottom: my mom and grandfather)
The girls and I drove down to Provo one day to hang out with our old playgroup.
I love seeing little Sophie in our big bed. She likes to watch Daniel Tiger in our room.
I tend to read slow and had check out this big book several times. Well when it was due again, and I couldn't renew it, I still had over 250 pages left to read. I decided I was going to finish the book before it's due date. So I read over 200 pages in one day. I've never read that much in one day ever.
I took both girls to the dentist. I was a proud of each of them. Both Molly and Sophie were on their best behavior. They listened well and did just as they were asked. Plus they were cavity free!

Molly drew me a picture one day and came in to explain it to me. She said, "Mom, these are the trees, this is a rainbow, here are the clouds, and all the hearts are because I love you." Seriously she is the sweetest!

The girls had a little play time in their towels after bath time.

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