March Happenings

Molly started gymnastics and I started helping tear down and put away the equipment once a week as a trade for her classes.
We went up to check out a park for a photo shoot I had coming up. It was freezing and getting dark by the time we got there. The girls were happy enough to be out and about.
Took engagement photos for my niece. See more here.
We took a drive up American Fork Canyon one afternoon. We stopped by Tibble Fork and were glad we got out and walk around for a few minutes, because once we continue up the canyon we found out it was still closed for the season.
I caught Sophie in the pantry sneaking all her favorite snacks. Plus, whenever I take photos of Sophie Molly get's a bit jealous and works her way into the frame.
On Pi day we decided last minute to go buy a pie for a special dessert. It was pretty much impossible to find one. Everyone else must have had the same idea, but planned better. We settled for baby ice cream cones instead.
One day I was doing something in the bathroom and got a text from Rob. I was a bit confused since I could hear Rob in the other room napping/snoring. When I read it I realize Molly had used Siri to send me a text.  
('Parents' is suppose to be pants.)

Molly's picture was featured on Studio 5 twice.
For St Patrick's Day I really didn't want to do anything. I was pretty sure the kids wouldn't know any different and then I felt guilty for not wanting to celebrate with them. So early in the morning before the kids woke, I picked them up some St. P. day donuts and bought some corn beef and cabbage to make a festive dinner that evening. I even made sure we all wore green.
Sophie decided one day she wanted to dress herself. She picked out some bootie shorts and frilly pink dress.
We went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. The kids loved it, except for the long wait to ride the horses. I had no idea we would wait so long. I would have skipped it had I known. Molly loved it. Sophie was nervous, but gosh dang she was going to ride that horse if we were going to wait an hour for it. I had to walk next to her, but in the end she was really proud of herself and did enjoy it.
Sophie came down with a stomach bug. While we were at Molly's gymnastic lesson she had a massive blowout. She was hanging out watching people run on the treadmill and then decided to go down the stairs. I quickly came over to her and explained that she wasn't to go down the stairs without mama. She continued to try to head down so I picked her up and explained again. Suddenly I heard, and saw, a gush of something hit the floor. At first I thought she'd thrown up, but when I looked at her face I knew it wasn't that. I was confused for a half a second because if it wasn't that what was it? And then I realized it was poop and it was everywhere. All down the sleeve of my sweater, on my shirt, soaked onto my undershirt, down my pants, and even on my shoes. It was disgusting! My audience of treadmill-runners watched me set Sophie down, walk clear down to collect my purse that had wet wipes in it, and clean it up as much as I could. I definitely avoided making eye contact with my treadmill audience and steered us to the bathroom. I cleaned us up as much as possible as quick as possible since Sophie's timing was right as the end of Molly's lesson. As soon as we could we rushed downstairs where Molly and her teacher were worried and looking for us. I'd hoped the yellow poop all down my shirt legitimized my excuse of a 'big potty accident'.
Once home and while I gave Sophie a bath I called Rob to share my embarrassing, disgusting, story. I told him it was probably the most disgusting thing I've had to deal will as a mom (not the worst. Sophie throwing up all night long while on vacation at someone else's house was the worst).
As Sophie recovered from the stomach flu Rob and I were catching it. We went out to dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday with family several days later. During dinner Rob said to me his stomach was feeling unsettled. Then about and hour later as were were all headed to our place to play games I realized I felt the same way. Rob went strait upstairs to bed and I was trying to enjoy time with my family. Once everyone left, except my sister and her husband who were staying the night, I headed up to bed too. It was a long awful night for the both of us. Rob was visiting the toilet several times and I was throwing up all night long. It took me a few days to recover, but it took Rob much longer. We finally took him into see the doctor and he recovered. We soon learned my mom, dad, and sister all caught the bug too. We felt really bad, but had no idea we had it until we were with everyone already. 
About a week later I came down with a terrible head cold too. So this was not a very healthy month for our family.
We finally got grass in our back and front yard.
We were all very happy about it...
Rob got us passes to Thanksgiving Point again. It was super short notice, so we quickly jumped into the car and headed over. Molly's been watching Nemo a lot lately and said this shark was Bruce.
I really don't like making dinner everyday and this day I cooked with real spices. I felt the dish deserved a picture. 
The 26th of March was my 10 year anniversary of coming home from my mission. I'm so grateful for the people I met, the companions I had, and the many awesome experiences. Rarely does a day go by that I don't think about my time as a missionary.
We are loving the spring blossoms! I wish they could stay all summer long!
Last Friday we went to a birthday party for the girls cousin Bella.
Molly napped on Sunday and subsequently didn't go to bed till past 9pm.
We've been out walking a lot lately with the pleasant weather.
Sophie has been a bit mischievous lately. Here she climbed out of the crib right in front of me and...
...here she colored all over the wall. It's not easy to see in the picture but I assure you it was a beautiful multi-colored rainbow.
For our FHE treat last night we walked to Macey's for an ice cream cone.
Also, I was called as a Primary Chorister and started working in the primary this month.


  1. You'll do great with that calling.
    What was Molly on Studio 5 for?

    1. Thanks. I hope so. Studio 5 asked for viewers to hash-tag photos to enter a contest on their show. They featured a few each day. It was fun to see hers on the show. We didn't know her's were going to be featured.