Museum of Ancient Life

Monday we visited the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. We're lucky that Rob is able to get day passes through work to a couple places nearby. The kids had never been to the dinosaur museum and it'd been a really long time since I'd been, so I thought it would be fun for the girls and I to check out.
Once we gained entry and started seeing all the dinosaur skeletons Molly started getting really anxious and quickly decided she didn't want to see any more. She stepped outside the doorway of the room and cautiously watched as Sophie and I looked around. When I noticed where she was I tried to convince her it was alright, that they weren't real, and she should look around with me and Sophie. Every time I took my eyes off her she was back waiting at the entryway. It took lots and lots of convincing and a little bit of time to get her comfortable. But once she warmed up she and Sophie really enjoyed the museum. And now she keeps asking to go back.

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