The past couple months have been full of projects. When we moved into our new place there were several pieces of furniture that desperately needed some updating. The first piece I worked on was our kitchen table I made a several years ago. It was getting yellow and dingy. I thought I could give it a quick sand job and re-stain it, but after sanding it for 45 minutes I knew I needed a new plan. In those 45 minutes I was only able to prepare about a foot and I'd gone though several strips of sandpaper. So I decided to strip the stain instead. (Which you can see I'm in the middle of the process in the photo below.) Stripping the stain was not a quick and easy task either, but it was a lot better than straight-up sanding. There was quite a bit of scrapping involved, but after a few days and lots of hours our table was ready to be re-stained and beautiful again.

My next project was Sophie's crib. I wanted to take if from brown to white. I decided to use my spray gun to paint it, but had a lot of difficulty with the gun and the paint. The gun was getting clogged and spurting, not spraying, the paint. And since I was painting in the basement it was pretty cold and the paint was not drying well so what ever surface it leaned against it would peel off the paint when moved. It was a bit of a nightmare. But I do love the crib in white!

I also painted our entryway table. This was by far the easiest of all the paint jobs I worked on and I think it turned out great.

I wanted to add some detail to this Ikea stool I got for the kitchen/pantry and painted the bottom part of the legs gold. It dressed it up a bit and I think it did the trick.

We also got a RAST drawer chest from Ikea. I put it together and painted it. It turned out a little more boyish than I planned and honestly I didn't plan it very well. We put it in Sophie's room and put a diaper changing pad on the top. So it does double duty for us.
Here's another Ikea hack... I painted these spice racks and hung them as bookshelves.

I worked on a few sewing projects too. The girls had a doll stroller seat that was tearing and falling apart so I picked apart the old one, used it as a pattern, and sewed a new seat for the stroller. My only regret was that I wish I'd used thicker fabric. The new seat isn't as stiff as the last and I've already had to repair a tear in it. 

Last, I made some new rice bags. Our new place has the temperature gauge upstairs so the main floor is always cold. We like to pop these in the microwave to warm us up and keep it feeling more cozy when we spend time in the living room. 


  1. Awesome job on your projects and I loved the home tour, just beautiful!