Sophie 2+

Sophie is such a big 2 year old (27.5 months to be precise). She is talking a lot and we even understand her pretty well. She is interested in the potty and is good at going pee pee and even pooped once. I think she is almost ready to be trained, we're not pushing it though. She is super independant these days. She wants to get in her car seat, on the potty, brush her teeth, etc, all by HERSELF. And if you forget and try to help her you have to let her start all over again so SHE can do it. She's always asking for tissues to wipe her nose and tears. She loves to do whatever Molly is doing and follows her around. She loves to read books and loves her blanket and pacifier. The blanket and pacifier are a pair. She doesn't want one without the other. Her hair is getting  long enough to put in little pigtails.... finally! She wants to brush her teeth all the time, like 6 times a day. She still takes an afternoon nap. She like to jump from the top of the steps into my arms when we're heading downstairs. She is super stubborn. If she wants something she is hard to distract. She'll just throw a fit which can last for quite some time. She's a good eater and does well feeding herself. She is soooo cute and we love like crazy! 

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