Easter 2015

The girls were excited for Easter this year. Grandma Kathy sent the girls dresses and they were super excited to wear them, but Molly insisted that she wait till Easter day. Sophie broke hers in early.
I could have sworn I'd heard the Easter Bunny visit our house in the early morning so we sent the girls down to investigate. The Easter Bunny left lots of hidden eggs. Molly and Sophie went on the hunt. It didn't take long for Molly to accuse me of being the Easter Bunny. I refused several times, but eventually gave in and took the credit where it was due.
We discovered Sophie doesn't like Peeps when we kept finding them in the trash. Molly didn't like the jelly beans, but they both loved all the chocolate treats (just like mama).

For breakfast we had Eggs on Toast (my favorite breakfast) and settled down to watch conference on TV. Well I guess all settled down but me, I listened from the kitchen as I put together an Easter lunch of cheesy potatoes, pistachio salad, and ham.  
After conference we got together with lots of my family for an Easter dinner. Molly made sure to tell everyone who the Easter Bunny was.
Easter 2015 from Heather Williams on Vimeo.

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