Other April Happenings

April seemed to fly by. We stayed busy and I can say that I was pretty much sick the entire month. It was just one sickness after the next, so here's hoping we can take a break from runny noses, coughing, and stomach bugs in May.

Our happenings this past month:

I found Sophie cuddling up with her blankie and passy one morning after a diaper change. She wasn't quite ready to start the day and so I pulled out my camera to see if I could take advantage of her stillness.
When Molly sees me taking pictures of Sophie she wants to be a part of it too so of course I let her.
We spent Saturday and Sunday watching General Conference. Saturday we watched lounging on our bed and it was the best. 
Sunday, I mostly listened while putting together and cleaning up a nice Easter lunch. Sophie made herself comfortable and I thought it was the cutest thing. 
I listened to a podcast dedicated completely to toast, so naturally I wanted toast for breakfast.
A few of my photos were published in FlippinPeople Volume One. A few months back they invited me to be part of their new publication and I was thrilled. The magazine came out this month.
We spend lots of time at the Library. We're usually there 3 times a week. We love doing their weekly kid craft and Sophie loves Wiggle Worm. She gets so into the songs I love watching her. When we're done she also likes to un-shelf books, stack them high, and sometimes sneak them in the return bin.
Molly doesn't like to sleep in the dark. She has the tendency to turn on the bathroom light, which is right next to her room, in the middle of the night so it won't be dark. Early one morning I found she'd turned on her own light and was fast asleep. I decided to buy her a night light.
I saw the kids playing by the window one day and pulled out my camera. Since then Molly is always climbing in the window and asking me to take her picture. 
I like to watch Studio 5. This month they asked for hastags to #sostudio5. We were featured several times and won a $50 gift card to Tai Pan Trading. 
I also won a Smashburger gift card on Instagram with this image from our afternoon at Provo's Spring Festival.
Afternoons get long for us sometimes. Once Sophie is napping I'll ask Molly to have quite time so I can have a little break to watch a show, read a book, or take a nap. Sophie can sometime sleep (or just hang out in her crib) for quite some time... usually 3ish hours. After a while it gets boring waiting for Sophie to wake up from her nap.

Sophie is always pulling her ponytails out during naps so when she wakes up she has a crazy Mohawk. I don't usually get around to fixing it so for the rest of the day she looks like this...

Someone gave us two kids parade chairs at a yard sale and the girls love them. I keep finding them set up all around our house.
I don't love to, but occasionally I bake. Lately we've been craving brownies and so I've made a couple batches. One Sunday afternoon I left Molly and Rob downstairs and took a nap. Rob ended up falling asleep on the couch and Molly decided to make brownies all on her own. She got out two boxes of cake mixes and went at it. Later I came down to a messy kitchen and her attempt to make dessert. Rob slept through the whole thing!

This is a typical morning scene at our house: "Mommy I need you! I neeeeeeed you!" I don't even get a break in the shower! 

Molly and Sophie love to have picnics outside and those free yard sale chair have come in handy.
I decided to get rid of Sophie's mullet. I watched a couple YouTube videos and went at it. I actually really like the way it turned out.
My mom told me we needed to walk through Broadbents sometime, so we did.
We spent a good 30+ minutes in the art room at the children's museum. I love seeing the things my kids draw and color.
What waking up from a nap looks like for Sophie.

Molly fell asleep on the couch while her and and Sophie were watching Cinderella. I'm not sure that Sophie was all that comfortable.

One of our library craft days.
Another Studio 5 feature.
We took our Smashburger gift cards and had a date night with the kids. After dinner we walked around Rob's work and had hot chocolate. It was actually really fun and we all enjoyed it.
Found these two just like this one Saturday afternoon.

We got Molly a piggy bank recently. When she asked if we could... "look for money on the street" I told her she could earn money from me instead (jobs aside from her regular responsibilities). So she happily emptied all the trash in the house, rinsed and loaded the breakfast dishes, wiped the counters, straightened up several rooms in the house, and even asked for more to do, but I ran out of jobs. It was awesome! Money well spent!

Molly wanted to spend the money she'd earned on some markers. So I took them to the store and decided to check out a department store next door. Sophie is not good about sitting in shopping carts anymore so I just let the girls follow me around like little ducklings. I didn't stress and they stayed decently close. I felt in control and free. It worked, maybe not next time...

While at the store I wanted to try on a couple of things and Molly discovered there were three of her in the mirror. She then made up a song about three Molly's and did a little dance. I sat back and watched... and smiled a lot.
Molly serenaded me one morning while I got ready for the day.

Molly always begs for me to cuddle with her while she falls asleep. In fact both the girls want ME to read them stories and put them to bed. Rob is totally willing to and I'd love for the girls to beg for him to do this. It's a little frustrating for both of us.

Sophie post-4-hour nap.

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