Our Easter prep started with playgroup. We had a big Easter egg hunt at the park for all the kids. Molly was so excited and Sophie was just playing off Molly's excitement. Molly was fast to collect all her allotted eggs and Sophie was very methodical finding them. They both loved it. After the hunt we had some Easter games, which were fun, but the girls really couldn't wait to get home and open all their eggs to see what surprises they held.  
On Friday we dyed eggs. It's always a bit terrifying dying eggs with small kids (I love pink, blue, and purple, but not permanently on my table and carpet), but they love it so much and I remember loving it so much as a child. I really tried to hold off till Rob got home, but after Molly begged me all day I gave in an hour before Rob's return.
Last year Sophie was SO into putting the eggs in the cups of dye, (it was five times more terrifying then, just watch the video at then end of last years post), but this year she was more into watching Molly do it instead. I was totally okay with that.

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