Provo Spring Festival

Sometimes, I look at my Fridays and Saturdays and wonder,"What am I gonna do this weekend?" I ask this for selfish planning reasons so when I go to work and someone asks,'What did you do this weekend,' I can say something different than, "I watched Sleeping Beauty with the kids, I went on a walk with Heather and the family, or we went out to eat at (fill in the blank with some national chain restaurant) where we had a BOGO coupon. Luckily, this weekend was not one of them, although we did fit most of the above in as well. Enter the Provo Spring Festival. There were lots of over-priced food trucks, agenda/product-pushing booths, and long lines filled with lots of people. But I'm not complaining about the great weather, free entertainment, and quality time with my girls.
Molly and Sophie got some color chalk in their hair. I considered some color in my beard, but declined due to the lines of kids waiting behind me.
Where there are bubbles, there is Sophie.
At one of the activities I was trying to show Molly how to work the sling shot on the Angry Birds booth. This was as successful as me showing Molly how to work the sling shot on the Angry Birds app. (Neither was very successful).
Sophie won a free class of Yoga at the spinning wheel. She decided to try it out at the festival first.
Despite the wind, our diy kites didn't fly..

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