Thanksgiving Point

Last Monday we had a day pass to Thanksgiving Point. Molly wanted to go to the Children's Museum so that's where we went. It was mistake though. It happened to also be the first day of Spring Break and the rest of Utah County was there too. It was finally warm enough to go outside though and that was the best idea since the crowds were inside. It gave us a lot more room to run around.
Once Rob got home from work we headed up to the gardens. It definitely was not a mistake. We were practically the only people there. It was a few days before the Tulip Festival and so we got to enjoy all the flowers without all the people. It was pretty windy and a bit cold, but worth it.
Sophie put her arms elbow deep into the fountain before we noticed. That made it even colder for her, but she didn't seem to mind
To end the night we went home and broke out  hot chocolate and marshmallows.

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